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I have tried diets before and have not been able to lose weight. Why would this diet be so different?

Our research points to the body holding onto fat cells as a form of energy due to a lack of nutrition. The human body is a complex organism and has many functions which are impaired if a person has nutritional deficiencies, this leads to hunger as the body is desperate to rebalance the levels required. If the food consumed is still low in the nutrition the body requires it will crave further food. This leads to consuming too many calories and putting on weight.

We found that nearly everyone has some sort of nutritional deficiency.

The AI Weight Loss Diet is completely unique in the world of weight loss as we are the only diet which works to balance all nutritional levels to our unique formula. We do this while creating a small calorie deficit every day, and once nutritional levels are balanced – fast fat loss is activated.

This is the game changer you have been waiting for.

How long will it take for me to lose weight on this diet?

One month is all it takes, and you will see a drastic change in weight.

What does the AI stand for in AI Weight Loss Diet?

Our system uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to create meal plans which are unique to every user and are key to weight loss. Tech and weight loss together!

I am a fussy eater and would like to know what type of foods this diet contains?

This is not the same as other diet plans as the AI (Artificial Intelligence) will choose from hundreds of meals when creating your personalised plan. The system will already have a good idea what foods you like by asking a series of questions on sign up. This does not work the way you might think, as an example choosing sweet as a favourite taste does not mean you will get chocolate as a suggestion. There are lots of elements the system uses, and it will find foods you did not even know you liked.

You can also change meals you do not want, and the system will find another meal immediately, but it is even more than that. The technology is mixed into a careful diet plan which is primarily fish based for the first 5 days, followed by 2 days where meat can be consumed and 1-day vegetarian.

Does this diet come with an exercise plan?

We have a 16-minute Tabata style HIIT exercise plan which will blast body fat and help improve lung function and strengthen the heart.

Why should I choose this diet plan over other more established diets?

This is the fist diet that is using AI to create the entire diet plan unique for each individual and is totally revolutionary. The fitness world has changed and you should be part of that exciting change and benefit from the results it will create.

I suffer from stress and have heard this can stop weight loss. Can this diet help with stress?

During stress, the body releases Cortisol which has been linked to weight problems as it appears to interfere with the bodies functions of using fat as energy. A healthier diet can aid sleep and help the body calm down so in many cases it will help. The AI Weight Loss Diet is all about nutrition and so is likely to be very helpful and possibly the most beneficial diet you will try.

How much will this diet cost me?

We offer several pricing options depending on what package you choose, and we have discounted prices in place based on current promotions. The pricing options available will be presented at sign up as well as any free trial offers.

Loosing weight is great but can this diet help with my overall health?

Any changes in diet that are healthier choices will help with overall health and can have impressive results.

Can I drink alcohol while on this diet?

You should try to limit alcohol to zero on any diet you decide to try. Alcohol is loaded with calories and is like pouring pure fat into your body. If you do have to drink, then do no more than once every 2 months and limit the amount. Honestly, it is better to stop drinking alcohol completely until you reach your target weight and then monitor any weight gain very carefully if you start to drink.

Can I drink smoothies on this diet?

You can drink smoothies, but you should be very careful which ones you use as smoothies can be very high in calories and loaded with sugar. Maybe this is the reason you are overweight?

Will this diet help with my energy levels?

It can definitely help energy levels for some people as you should be eating healthier, but the body is complex, and it really depends on each individual.

Can I create long term weight loss without regaining weight with the AI Weight Loss Diet?

You should maintain any weight loss gained by continuing to follow the program and learn enough that you will no longer eat the wrong foods. After 6 months you will know which meals work best for you and should be ok to go it alone.

I am vegan and only eat vegan meals. Can I use this diet?

We have many vegan meals, which makes this diet a very good introduction to going vegan. However, we don't currently have a vegan only option but are currently working on a version. We hope to release this soon as we believe it would be very beneficial to health and the environment.

How important is exercise on this diet?

Exercise is a great companion to add to any diet but it is almost impossible to burn enough calories from exercise if the diet is wrong. Diet is the king of the jungle when trying to lose weight.

Having a serious nut allergy can I still use this diet?

We cater for the most common food allergies such as gluten intolerance, nut allergies and dairy.

I want to cut down on my meat consumption will this diet help?

Yes, it can cut down your meat consumption by 75% as the diet is primarily fish based and vegetarian.

Can I get a flat stomach on this diet?

The best way to lose stomach fat is from diet as it is much easier to create a calorie deficit from diet than burn one off through exercise. Sit ups will help build definition but the muscles will be covered by fat unless you lose the weight. It can take a while to completely lose a fat stomach as this is usually the last place fat cells are reduced.

Diets never work for me and I am always hungry so why would this be different?

If you are eating regularly then it is likely a nutritional imbalance causes the hunger and our diet system will re-balance these. At that point you will no longer have food cravings and will start to lose weight. One month is all it takes to see the change.

I have heard this diet activates fast fat lost. Can you explain how that works please?

The best way to explain this is to imagine someone hungry all the time and eating all day long. The next day they are hungry again and so the whole thing repeats. Now imagine that person’s body is craving more magnesium but the foods they eat all day have low magnesium or none at all. Our system will slowly boost all nutritional levels and in this example, once the magnesium level is restored the food cravings stop. The person eats less and there is no reason for the body to hold onto fat as an energy source as it can now use magnesium as nature intended. That is when fast fat lost is activated.

Will I have days I will have to go hungry or fast on this diet?

No that is not needed with our system. Many people are getting hungry due to nutritional imbalances which the diet is designed to fix.

Do I need vitamin supplements on this diet?

You should also check with a doctor before starting any health regime even if only a diet. Our system tries to improve nutritional levels, but some people may have medical issues which would need consulting with a doctor. For everyone else no vitamin supplements are required as this should come from the diet.

Can I get the same weight loss results by reducing the same number of calories as in this diet plan?

You may do but it is unlikely to have the same results because our system is balancing nutritional levels at the same time as creating the calorie deficit. This activates fast weight loss and drastically reduces food cravings.

What is a nutritional deficiency?

If the level of nutrition is low in the body it cannot operate 100% as nature intended, then you are deficient and that needs correcting.

How do I subscribe and what is the price?

When you sign up you will be offered the current subscription packages and any free trials we currently have.

Is this diet gluten free?

You can choose to only have gluten free meals if you wish but it is not necessary.

Is it free to sign up?

Sign up is free and you will be offered any free trials to the diet plan when you register.